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Map of Curacao III


Map of Curaçao third edition is a completely different work experience if I compare it to Map of Curacao I and II. That is actually the case with every work of art. The nice thing about this piece is that, with the construction of the stone wall in the shape of Curacao, the fitting and measuring of the stones felt like the making of a fun and challenging puzzle. I try to fit together the stones as well as possible for firmness. The making of stone walls also reminds me of the slaves who made walls of coral stones that were so well assembled that they still exist. We also put concrete mesh between the stones to reinforce the weaker spots. I take pictures but there won’t be much to see on those pictures until we remove the scaffolding that supports the structure. In the meantime, the coral stones are being stamped with the names, and we have already covered half of the island, up to Bonam and Pietermaai. - Avantia Damberg

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