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Since its foundation, CWM has been in constant motion with a focus on product innovation and quality. CWM is ISO 9001 certified and one of the largest contractor companies on Curacao.

CWM's service package consists of:

  • Infrastructure plans with design, construction and maintenance

  • Road construction

  • Dig and build underground infrastructure

  • Sports and recreational facilities such as tennis courts and artificial grass pitches.

  • Construction of breakwaters and facilities on the beach.

CWM (Curaçao Wegenbouw Maatschappij) and Blue Bay Resort have a long relationship since the very beginning of Blue Bay resort, then with the original founder Steve Raspoort. In 2018, CWM is therefore also an essential partner in setting up the Sculpture Route. CWM supports this project with material/logistical support and donations.

The board of the Sculpture Garden was very pleased that CWM immediately embraced and supported this innovative project. According to office manager Caresse Josefa, the decision to support this project was a logical step based on the long collaboration between Blue Bay Resort and CWM.

Due to the contribution of CWM it is possible to "image" the various Curaçao artists and to show our sculptures to a large audience. Caresse Josefa (Office manager) CWM:

We see the Sculpture Garden Curacao as an important cultural and educational project, and in this way we try to “contribute our bit” so that many people, young and old, local and tourists can enjoy these beautiful works of art”.
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